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You are the morning light, full of hope

You are the morning light, full of hope

You are the morning light, full of hope

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    You are the morning light, full of hope
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    Su Jia a Ying
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    Free Novel!
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2022-06-09 03:22:44
One day, five people got together to discuss Zhicheng's investigation of the truth he Ling sat on the sofa and drank tea leisurely, thinking that today is also a peaceful day! The Su Gemini forgets the key points and has a dialogue without nutrition "it's almost time to get to the point?" Shen Yi pushed his glasses. Sometimes he really envies the carefree twins of the Su family "hmm? What do you want to say?" Zhou Xichun looked at Shen Yi curiously. Didn't they come to catch up with Heling "of course, it's about going to Zhicheng high school." Shen Yi has a headache. The twins of the Su family can't find the key points every day. Heling always tries to muddle through, and even Xiaochun always drops the line. How do you bring such a teammate this feeling is like that the mage doesn't want the middle route soldier line, but grabs river crabs with the soldiers in the grass on the road; The shooter's net is always falling, and he will show you a hang up from time to time; The auxiliary is to watch the scenery in the canyon all the way assassin Shen Yi cannot lose the promotion. How can these teammates win? Online, very urgent (Ps.... Your hero and bell have been offline| ω`))

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