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Wenhao wild dog: Dawn of the gods

Wenhao wild dog: Dawn of the gods

Wenhao wild dog: Dawn of the gods

Rating: 9 / 10 from 958 ratings
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    Wenhao wild dog: Dawn of the gods
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    Huai Zhi
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    Light Novel
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2022-06-28 22:02:36
Science leads everyone to progress. A scientific research project invested and secretly implemented by prominent nobles in the UK has finally succeeded after 19 years. When researchers celebrate the results and record files, the research institute has been detonated, and the nobles have received the news... release an amazing high reward to capture an unknown. It makes people different. At the same time, many people flock to look for the unknown, Without exception, all these people are resurrected after death, but they lack some memory gradually, no one dared to arrest, but the amount increased to US $17.3 billion until the nobles got the information that the unknown arrived in Yokohama again a predatory war of cooperative nature tore up the last dignity of the nobility

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