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Floating dream of watching the sea

Floating dream of watching the sea

Floating dream of watching the sea

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    Floating dream of watching the sea
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    Iris calendar
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2022-07-13 03:50:04
The streamer is only in a moment, and the Star River is not eternal. At the end of the vast sea, we don't want to live forever, we don't want to be glorious, but we want the awe inspiring and righteous way to survive forever, and our childlike heart will never die< Br> "my whole life is like a dream. In this hundred turn and thousand turn dream, happiness and joy are all vanity."—— Chu Qichen / Ling Zhao "no, I am here to prove to you that your life is not illusory. I will accompany you even if your form and spirit are destroyed and even if you are doomed!"—— Yu Shangyu male leader: Chu Qichen / Ling Zhao, an accident ten years ago made him forget the past. He was a poor boy who had no power and wandered in Hailing ferry. However, his good luck never stopped. How could he expect that the master in love would fall down one day. After thousands of hardships, she finally captured the beauty's heart. However, the shackles and shackles of the past have not been solved. Once the storm rises, two painstaking efforts have been made< Br> Hostess: Yu Shangyu, the only daughter of the island Master of Tianxuan Island, was originally a charming young lady who was loved by thousands of people. However, overnight, both parents were forced to commit suicide, and Tianxuan island was completely destroyed. From then on, Tianxuan Island fell into an endless abyss, full of revenge. It was not until ten years later that someone became more and more courageous and playful< Br> Man 2: Luo Yichen, the third childe of yaoguanggu, the future Valley master, is an independent man who has never been contaminated with fine dust. He is the most beautiful man in Hailing ferry. He has a noble identity and has numerous admirers behind him. All of them are inconspicuous. Until one day, the woman in red who looks forward to Shenghui ripples in his heart< Br> hostess 2: Mei Shu, a strange woman whose origin has become a mystery, dressed in red, with eyes hooked, charming posture, and unique elegance. His real identity is the disciple under the main seat of Tianshu Pavilion and the flying flower envoy, one of the four envoys of Tianshu Pavilion.

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