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Farmers abandon women and are cruel and fierce

Farmers abandon women and are cruel and fierce

Farmers abandon women and are cruel and fierce

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    Farmers abandon women and are cruel and fierce
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    Idle listening to cold rain
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    Cool Novel
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2022-01-17 10:33:08
Gu Yiyi is dressed as a silly girl of Gu's family she gets up earlier than a chicken, goes to bed later than a dog, and works first... What, milk is going to sell her to my uncle to get married and study for my second uncle's baby never mind, just carry the kitchen knife why don't you take the right path to fight cats and dogs it doesn't matter. Just one meal. One meal can't be two, two meals can't be three if not, there's a kitchen knife Mrs. Gu: this dead girl is crazy uncle Gu and aunt Gu: No, you have to stay away from this dead girl. The kitchen knife is not for fun GU Xiaowu, who is beaten up from time to time, said, "dear sister, you are my dear sister. Can I change it to no the best products of Gu Yiyi's family were cleaned up properly, so they almost saw Gu Yiyi shouting to stand at attention well, Gu Yiyi said it was very good. Keep it up but why did the parents who died early suddenly jump out one after another one said: Niuniu, I have difficulties. You forgive us one said: girl, I have a family feud and have to leave you. Will you forgive me GU Yiyi nodded calmly, turned and left What, my parents hundreds of miles after turning left to the village, it's safe in the grave a man followed Gu Yiyi for several years and watched him guard... finally, he trapped himself, "Yiyi, this is all my property, I'll give it to you, you..." marry me GU Yiyi happily answered, "don't worry, I won't let you lose money, but business is business, I'll give you a dividend of up to 20.5..." she'll lose money if she gets more men, "..." fight the best, beat their siblings earn money and support their family GU Yiyi smiled slightly: men are all floating clouds!

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