[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I remember when Dermalogica brought out a pre-cleanse cleanser that I really couldn’t get my head around at all – it felt like an needless extra designed to suck money out of your wallet with no real return for skin.

Ameliorate Deep Cleansing

For hair, however, I’m convinced that deep cleansing once a week helps enormously to maintain shine and remove all the excess build-up which, no matter how well you rinse, accumulates. The Ameliorate Deep Cleansing Hair & Scalp Mask tackles both flaky scalp and detoxing hair – it’s particularly useful if you have a very dry scalp or an itchy scalp.

Ameliorate Deep Cleansing

The Ameliorate range uses their own LaH6 complex for both body and hair as a lactic based enzymatic exfoliator (best known probably in the Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion (currently 25% off HERE!)). It’s good at softening and loosening dead skin cells which accumulate on the scalp causing congestion, itching and flaking. The longer you leave it there, the better it can do the job – hence the 15 minute pre-wash mask. It’s almost counter-intuitive to slather dry hair with what feels like a consistency for wet hair but once you’re used to it, it is fine. You do need to ensure that enough of the mask gets to the scalp so if you have thick hair, I’d advise sectioning and making sure you do a really good job with your finger tips to get it to where its needed most. You know those spider looking head massagers? Do that with your fingers, moving them about for a few moments. While you may experience immediate relief (it does feel very soothing on the scalp) it will take four weeks or so for the rebalancing effects to take place. I know that central heating time is a key scalp irritator so you should probably start as soon as you can.

Ameliorate Deep Cleansing Hair & Scalp Mask rinsed out easily and my hair felt super clean as a result which in turn resulted in shine. I get a troublesome scalp from time to time – mercifully not at the moment – and I think it’s a good idea to deep cleanse both scalp and hair regularly. I know I get build up – it’s very obvious when a detox is needed although annoyingly usually not til after I’ve washed and blow dried. It’s that lacklustre look when your careful attention doesn’t pay off as well as usual. It’s £25 for 225ml which feels okay for a weekly or twice weekly treatment (although sectioning for scalp targeting then massaging the residue through longer lengths will eke it out more economically). You can find it HERE. Non-affiliate is HERE.

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