[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] Bibbi isn’t a new brand but it’s new to me and what a beautiful discovery. Initially, being a shallow person and judging the book by its cover, I assumed that this really wouldn’t be for me but all it took was one (semi-reluctant) spritz and I’m putty in Bibbi’s hands. Bibbi is a very modern fragrance brand – the website made me double check I hadn’t been drinking (if you look please be assured you aren’t six sherries in – it’s artistically blurry) and it was founded by Swedish born Stina ‘Bibbi’ Seger and her husband, Jan Vilhelm Ahlgren in 2023.

Okay, we are British and find flights of fancy difficult but please do bear with as I take you through the fragrance inspirations. Bibbi practices meditation and apparently, can transport her consciousness to another dimension, where (luckily), she meets characters with fascinating stories. So, the fragrances are narratives of those that she meets and that certainly throws up some very good fragrance names – Swimming Pool, Ghost of Tom, Rainbow Rose and The Other Room, for example. I hope I will have the opportunity to test more but for now, even with my hayfevery nose, I am very smitten by Santal Beauty.

I read a comment on Reddit the other day saying, ‘everyone in New York smells of Santal 33’, referring Le Labo’s famous fragrance of that name. Santal fragrances are universally worn – it’s unisex, personable and more-ish. Think clean laundry, woods that have been turned to air and a garden in full bloom and you are somewhere towards Santal Beauty. The top notes are lemon and saffron (honestly, can’t smell the saffron but the lemon is a burst of joy), followed by violet, magnolia (which gives it the sensual softness) and bamboo. Literally don’t know what bamboo smells like so I have no reference. The base is sandalwood, blond woods and ‘crisp’ amber. Santal Beauty is very wearable – it’s immediately at home on the skin and takes some twists and turns as it acclimatises which just amplifies the pleasure of this fragrance. I am finding it very difficult to make the connection that it’s inspired by a woman that Bibbi met fleetingly on the Paris Metro in another dimension but either you’re a realist (me) in which case you can just enjoy the fragrances straight up as they are, or you’re a dreamer (not me) who will adore the extra layers and dimensions to that you’ll have access to and I’m envious.

You can find a variety of Bibbi fragrances for £225 HERE.

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