Wow. Take note, perfume lovers – this is the sampler set of dreams! The translation of ‘electimuss’ is ‘to choose the best’ and that’s a thread that runs throughout this brand, founded by Luke Granger in 2015, later joined by Jason Collinson. Each fragrance has a story so it’s impossible for me to take you through every single one of the twenty samplers included in the set, so I’ve picked out three to focus on (but may do another post as I work my way through) for now. I am not sure how I’m only just discovering this brand – it’s so far removed from your average high street fragrance in every conceivable way but prices are comparable (sometimes) with Estee Lauder Oasis Dawn, Estee Legacy (£250 – yikes!) and Aerin selections.

The Electimuss London sampler set is £95 but if you’re a fragrance aficionado, I’d see this as a summer project – it’s like learning a new scented language and when I say each one deserves at least a day’s consideration, I’m not joking because they’re made to 25-30% concentration so they last and last. They’re powerful, complex and sometimes marmite, but truly interesting. If I’m being picky, I’d have liked a brief fragrance story and note highlights in the included leaflet rather than just the ingredient list – I see these sampler sets as having multiple opportunities such as getting together with friends or family for a test-together evening, halving the box between you and a friend to contrast and compare, lucky dipping and feeding back just for fun in a kind of fragrance club like a book club. Just make it easier is all I’m saying 😊 There is a Voyage of Discovery page HERE that gives indications on what to look for and how to experience the box but again, I think I’d like to see that in the box.

Starting with Cupid’s Kiss which from the name alone, I was certain I’d love. But I did not! It’s full of powdery orris smokiness that’s lightened with bergamot but then in comes the labdanum and oud and boom! Too much for me but a dream for anyone who loves a punchy, spicy floral.

I was fully prepared to loathe Persephone’s Patchouli but I love it (see why these samplers are so much fun!). It’s inspired by the goddess Persephone who spent six months of the year in the underworld – there is a companion fragrance, Patchouli of the Underworld, to represent the other six months and each is created by separate perfumers. My nose alights immediately on the jasmine content and don’t particularly pick up the pomegranate. It’s all about the rose and patchouli after the jasmine and I’m happy with that – it’s beautiful.

If you know your Romans, you’ll remember that Aquila was king of the skies, so Aquila Absolute represents light, beauty and immortality. It’s lighter and fresher than the previous two fragrances with raspberry and cardamom leading on to rose absolute and geranium – I’m picking up green notes (I think from violet leaf) among the fruit and flowers. At the base is patchouli, labdanum and white oud. Oud is quite a theme throughout Electimuss so if you are violently opposed this might not be the brand for you – I’m not a fan but am learning, entirely via these fragrances, how different it can be depending upon what notes it is blended with and at what concentration.

You’re able to redeem the full cost of the sample set against any of the 100ml bottles, should you find a fragrance you can’t live without. The sample set link is HERE.


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