[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] My interest in K18 was piqued twentyfold at the news that this brand, only four years old, has been bought by Unilever. There are only 6 products in the collection so far using a peptide that mimics human keratin structure to minimise chemical hair damage ‘in minutes’.

K18 Molecular Repair Hair Oil Review

I finally got around to going to the hairdresser last week and I quite often take products to Kesley to use on my hair and also to get her opinion. So, we used K18 Molecular Hair Repair Oil and the Leave In Molecule Repair Hair Mask. It’s really easy to get swamped in marketing terms when it comes to products like K18 – when I look at their US website, they use a lot of words to say not much. But what we can say is that it works on the inner layer of hair (whereas conditioner and masks coat the hair) by using a pH that’s slightly alkaline which allows amino acids into the inner structures, thereby repairing any broken bonds.

K18 Molecular Repair Hair Oil Review

Everyone’s hair looks remarkably better for a session with a good hair stylist, that’s a given but what I really noticed this time around (I had a cut and colour) was that there was no static. Usually, if I have a colour put on my hair goes completely bonkers for a while and I have to keep damping it down (good tip for static – just literally pass a damp – not wet – towel or flannel over your hair for temporary relief) but this time, even after sleeping, it just plopped back into place. That’s the same three days later – when I get up, I just brush my hair and don’t have to do any significant restyling. Smoother hair shafts? I don’t know the answer really but I do know that Unilever didn’t buy this brand with no good reason. The leave in mask is £30 HERE and the oil I tried is £65 HERE.


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