[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] Clarifying Detox Shampoo looks like it’s replacing the Triple Detox Shampoo – the best detox shampoo I’ve ever used – and thankfully is proving just as efficacious. I got a great press release with this new iteration of detox from Living Proof that properly explains how the formula works. Anyone who has used a detox shampoo will know the feeling of super-clean hair, devoid of any oil or build up, feels fantastic. However, I’ve fallen prey to overusing detox shampoos chasing after that madly clean feeling and ended up with hair that was overproducing oil at the roots and dry as a crisp at the ends. I had to retrain myself not to use detox shampoos all of the time.

Living Proof Clarifying Detox Shampoo Review

The new version looks exactly like the old version and I am not sure I can say what the difference is entirely but I can tell you how it works. Every shampoo needs surfactant but these can be made at varying levels of gentleness – surfactants act as emulsifiers to break down dirt, oil and residue product but if you use one that’s too strong, it will not only strip away the bad stuff, but also the good oils that your hair and scalp needs. Living Proof Clarifying Detox Shampoo also contains magnetic polymers that attract build up and take them out of your hair. It’s a question of negative charges being stronger than the positive charges that are holding the build up to your hair and binding to them in order to be rinsed away.

Living Proof Clarifying Detox Shampoo Review

I’ve got to admit, when I first used the original I was so surprised that the shampoo was grey. It’s grey in the new version as well thanks to the charcoal content of the formula. Charcoal is there to absorb odours and impurities and the chelating agent is there to eliminate heavy metal ions. It’s basically a complete reset for your hair. The result is hair that’s easier to style, looks fresher, cleaner and lighter and feels perfectly swishy. I like to use the Perfect Day Weightless Mask afterwards because it lives up to its name and it works in a matter of moments although I think that’s the next re-working because it’s out of stock on the Living Proof website but I’ve found it at Sephora HERE. You only need to use Clarifying Detox Shampoo once a week so if you wash more, or even daily, you can do so using whatever you like knowing you can reset at any point. It’s not cheap at £31 HERE but used once weekly, this bottle should last you a good while.

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