[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] So, I have to admit that February is getting the better of me so I’m posting light this week – I’m just so tired, Dora isn’t well and also – big news – I’m focussing on populating my Substack site which will be ad-free other than occasional sponsored posts. I’ll flag it up when it’s a bit more ready and in shape for visitors and I also want to thank you for your feedback regarding ads. In fact, it was one reader who popped me a kind and gentle email suggesting I just go for it re Substack that gave me the confidence nudge I needed. If you don’t know Substack, it’s sort of how blogging used to be before it got fancy. You subscribe (my Substack will be £5 per month initially) and get the same as you have here but without the pesky ads – there will be additional content (maybe more Dora!) but I’m still working it out. If there’s anything you’d like to see, let me know. These awful ads are doing really well for me on an income basis but I know my regular readers hate them, so it’s the best alternative I can think of.

Neom Real Luxury Wellbeing Soak Review

So the Neom drop couldn’t be more timely really – the Real Luxury Wellbeing Soak Multi-Vitamin Bath Oil is a beautiful blend of jasmine, lavender and sandalwood – the notes that truly put the ahh into spa. I know that wellbeing can be an overused term, particularly when it comes to beauty products but wellbeing means different things to different people and if a beautifully scented, hot and steaming bath is what helps you unwind and pay attention to yourself then it falls into the category. The press release has made me laugh because it says ‘soak for at least 10 minutes’ as an instruction on how to use the bath oil – quite right; anyone getting out after 8 minutes is doing bathing incorrectly!

Neom Real Luxury Wellbeing Soak Review

It’s a very pleasant oil – I’m not sure how much of the ‘vitamins’ are going to be beneficial but the rich oils and fragrances certainly will. Inca Inchi, Rosehip and Chia seed are all naturally rich in vitamins but your skin will take more benefit from the smoothness aspect that the oils give.  It’s by no means cheap at £45 but it definitely has a specialness to it that will elevate your day to day baths to properly SOS Relax baths. I’m using SpaceNK as the stockist in case you have points which will ease the price point somewhat HERE.


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