[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] Tatcha is one of my favourite luxury brands – formulated in Japan, founded in the US, it’s one of the few luxury brands that actually feels over and above on the luxurious stakes. A lot of focus is put on texture – I was thinking this weekend that we’ve lost sight of what luxury skin care actually is because so many claim it and so few deliver it. Tatcha is now owned by Unilever who clearly saw the potential in this ferment based range based on amino acids and AHAs with a little algae and green tea thrown in for good measure.

Tatcha The Serum Stick

One of their newest launches is the Serum Stick and I’m a sucker for anything stick-y. It’s a concentrated solid version of a serum containing 80% squalane and Japanese lemon balm and feels silky and glidey on the skin. It’s a funny thing but when Tatcha first launched they wanted to address ageing skin in a different way and yet, I see this is targeted to ‘smooth dry fine lines instantly and over time…also helps address laugh lines and other areas of crepiness wherever dehydration appears.’ So, first off, Tatcha, laughter lines are great – erasing evidence of joy is a very un-hinou dokon thing to do. If you don’t know what hinou dokon is, it’s once of Tatcha’s great philosophies – that the mind and the skin has a connection so caring for the skin is caring for the mind. How getting rid of signs of joy fits in here, I don’t know, especially if you’re labelling your customers crepey. That is not going to give anyone a ‘calmer spirit’ is it?

All that said, this skin care in a stick is deliciously moisturising – the perfect ultra hydrating antidote for skin that’s had too much sun, feels taut or is prone to dry patches (possibly that slow to go post-cold nostril flaking!). I swear this will bring any part of your skin back to life – I’d even use it overnight as a pick-me-up hydrating mask, as well as packing on a flight to stave of long haul skin. It’s a balm that feels elevated and is without that weight that balms inevitably have. Tatcha The Serum Stick HERE is quite expensive at £49, but trust me, it feels expensive. Although it’s indicated for under and around the eyes, if you are sensitive in that area, I’m not sure it’s a great idea to put a balm formula there – but it’s your skin, so up to you. I have a Tatcha lip balm in every pocket (slight exaggeration!) – they’re the best ever, so if you haven’t yet tested the Tatcha waters and are looking for somewhere to start, they’re HERE.


A concentrated solid serum of 80% squalane and Japanese lemon balm that targets signs of aging and dryness instantly and over time, keeping skin and makeup fresh throughout the day. 8

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