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Mrs. Gu, when shall we remarry

Mrs. Gu, when shall we remarry

Mrs. Gu, when shall we remarry

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    Mrs. Gu, when shall we remarry
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2022-12-30 21:32:40
Two years ago, Gu tingshen agreed to marry Lin jiaruan in order to be in power, but there was a "white moonlight" in his heart. Everyone didn't take Lin jiaruan seriously, but just regarded her as a joke - two years later, Lin jiaruan handed out a divorce agreement: "Gu tingshen, let's divorce and I'll clean myself out." at first, Gu tingshen thought she was playing hard to get, but later he found out that it was not. Gu tingshen began to panic, "Lin jiaruan, dare you divorce?" Lin jiaruan: "What's wrong with you? Sign your name and get the divorce certificate with me when you're free." Gu tingshen: "I don't have it. I'm busy." Inner OS: I don't have time to do anything. I don't have a divorce certificate. - a mysterious guest came to the variety show. No one knew who it was except the director. Everyone lost their chin when they came. Lin jiaruan: "What are you doing here?" Gu tingshen: "Mrs. Gu, when shall we remarry?" Lin jiaruan: "remarry? Remarry? I don't need love now. I just want to do business. Isn't he fragrant?" - reading guide: 1. Deep thinking and good calculation × 2. Abusing his wife for a while and chasing his wife in the crematorium 3. Bai moonlight is just an oolong, so use "" please don't say it, it will be written later. 【 [highlight: readers who think that the male leader of Standard Chartered has a low score, please see the back. In chapter 65.66, the male leader is not slag, he is just stupid. if you mind, don't click in directly. Really, please, I'm very uncomfortable to see a low score.]

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