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How can I Raide constellations

How can I Raide constellations

How can I Raide constellations

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    How can I Raide constellations
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    Three drops of water drop wood
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    52weixin Books
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2022-12-07 16:23:17
[in front of the reincarnation Hall -] ZHENG Xiaomu sat on the ground and stared at the constellation illusion in front of him - the images of Libra, Virgo, Aries, Scorpio, Taurus and cancer... Twinkled, and soon... Turned into the appearance of boys... Lin Xin, Mo Yusang, Su Mu and Yun Haiying... As always, they showed, Even Ouyang Ziying opened her heart to herself and showed her only once smile soon... They were once again... Fragmented... Turned into light and shadow... "... Youle... Trouble..." "perform miraculous magic again -" "if you fail again... You will really die, mu mu..." ZHENG Xiaomu slowly got up and looked at the last dissipated illusion of Lin Xin... His eyes gradually flashed "if I can't see that person... I'll be more sad than death... Please..." "I can't help you... That's the only way" [once again, start your strategy -] "Cough, good sister, I'm Prince Youle, an elf from the land of goblins. Now I come to your world to resolve a crisis, and the key to the problem is you, the selected girl Zheng Xiaomu." "you should gather the sincere tears of the boys reincarnated in the constellation - the curse to purify the world, otherwise - ah, how can you go? Don't go." You le flapped his wings and followed Zheng Xiaomu closely. He said anxiously, "Hey, the world will be destroyed. Don't you care?"

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