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Fast wear is her specialty

Fast wear is her specialty

Fast wear is her specialty

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    Fast wear is her specialty
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    Qin Xiaojiu
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    Yipin Books
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2022-12-07 19:27:50
Jiang Wei is a beautiful and SA executor in fast wear time and space, and now she is dressed as intelligence cannon fodder in countless planes System: host, this is the ancient plane. You are dressed as a cannon fodder concubine hanged by a reborn woman finally, the cannon fodder concubine demolished the CP of the slag male emperor and the reborn female, and made a rebellion by the way System: host, this is the face of immortal Xia. You dress as the cannon fodder elder martial sister in the flow of waste firewood finally, Jiang Wei used a mallet to tear down the slag man's harem and became a master of immortality System: eh? Host, why do you have a little white face around you Jiang Wei: Oh, the salted fish executor of the men's frequency group, just fly with him System: would you be so kind? It won't be greedy people... the system touched the hammered head and shouted angrily: host, this is the doomsday plane. You are dressed as a tragic power girl betrayed by your best friend and matched by your fiance green finally, Jiang Wei abandoned the female owner's cold faced army, base boss and evil spirit president with a mallet... System: host, what are you holding in your hand is the soul fragments of Lord Qin Jiang Wei: he's too salty fish. He can't fly successfully. He's so pathetic. Help him pick up the pieces and see if he can spell them back the 1.85-meter-old young man pounded against the wall with one hand, put his slender legs against her, and picked his eyebrows. "It's just easy?" Jiang Wei propped up his crisp waist, raised his head just against a pair of cold eyes, and his heart beat suddenly disordered he leaned down and a warm breath wrapped around her ears. A voice came from her ear, "Ah Wei's body is honest..." PS: This article focuses on abusing slag Su Shuang! The lady is not the virgin! 1v1 pet pet!