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Fierce Fairy

Fierce Fairy

Fierce Fairy

Rating: 9 / 10 from 42905 ratings
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    Fierce Fairy
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    Brewing Qiongjiang
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    Yipin Books
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2023-01-27 22:51:10
When Jinlin woke up, she became a cannon ash in the immortal world, that is, the cannon ash that everyone wants to kill and everyone wants to give her a kick. She began to hide from trouble. She tried her best to feed all the spirit grass into a superior black chicken, which was taken by her younger martial sister to honor her master. She finally got a favorite green bull mount and happily wanted to hide. Elder martial sister took the bull in hand. It's gone! She's angry. I can bear you for a while. Do you think I want to bear you for a lifetime? Jinlin took a knife across the road, cut the elder martial sister several knives and recaptured his cow. Since then, everyone saw her take a detour and said that she was too angry to be with her Jinlin simply left the sect door and occupied the mountain as the king. He chiseled a cave and was at ease. One day I went down the mountain and saw a sick and beautiful man. Without saying a word, I recaptured the mountain and wanted to hide in a doghouse

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