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I raided the delicate prince

I raided the delicate prince

I raided the delicate prince

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    I raided the delicate prince
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    Zhang Cheng
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    Mp3 Books
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2022-12-28 20:02:32
Before meeting Qin Lin Xu Zhen has only one purpose: it is never too old to learn the meaning of Xu Zhen's existence is to live * after meeting Qin Lin Xu Zhen's purpose is to bully him severely the meaning of existence is: try to make Qin Lin cry * fragment 1 Xu Zhen has a good reputation in Lincheng as a quiet little lady, but the day after she came to the capital, she ruined her good reputation for 17 years. She openly grabbed the sleeve of Duke Qin and said, "how much can your family sell you to me?" Duke Qin was weak and could withstand this toss, I fell to the ground instantly and couldn't get up. It's not good to recuperate in the mansion for a few days. Since then, Xu Zhen has become a bully of violence segment 2 Xu Zhen had Qin Lin captured in a small corner "my name is Xu Zhen, Xu Zhen for two, and Mu Zhen's Zhen." Xu Zhen held Qin Lin's sleeve and introduced himself quietly Qin Lin blinked twice, indicating that she had been kidnapped "it's your turn." Qin Lin immediately said, "my name is Qin Lin. Xu Zhen nodded expressionless," well, good! "Then Qin Lin returned to the place where he was captured Qin Lin: God, his grandmother. Who's wrong with this man segment 3 Xu Zhen: "Qin Lin, why is this sugar so sweet? Is it broken?" Qin Lin: "well, it's broken. Don't eat it." Xu Zhen: "Qin Lin, Qin Lin, we slept together yesterday. Why didn't my baby kick me today? Was it sick?" Qin Lin: "Well, he's sick. You're obedient. He'll be well after seven months." * the female master is paralyzed and cute vs the male master is sick and charming and big baby

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