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After her rebirth, she began to be arrogant

After her rebirth, she began to be arrogant

After her rebirth, she began to be arrogant

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    After her rebirth, she began to be arrogant
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    Jin Xia drunk Qing Yan
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    Lava Novel
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2022-11-27 19:18:39
Double birth, strong men and strong women, welcome to the pit! Thank you for your support she is the eldest lady of Qingyuan Marquis mansion and the famous medical fairy of Tianchen Dynasty. She has a noble status and is respected by everyone. She has a silver needle and is superb, but she doesn't love people who love beauty. The queen who will be in charge of the six palaces in the future, she disdains that a foreign prince wants to marry, but she doesn't want it. All she wants is to wander around the world with the little bodyguard who protects her. But it happened that the sky didn't fulfill people's wishes and the world was unfair. She saved countless people in the half of her life, but she eventually ended up with a broken family and death. The Jinghong dance on the tower of Ling Yueguo composed a song of leaving the world. From then on, there was no trace of her beauty and bones. Once reborn, she no longer wants to follow the rules, be restrained by others and live a new life. I just want to be arrogant and arrogant. You killed my family in the previous life, and I'll take your land in this life. You let me lose my love in the previous life, and I'll let you die in this life ------ clip: "master, Miss Murong drew a bastard on Miss Su's face!" the man smiled low and indulged, "it's really naughty." "master, Miss Murong beat Miss Lu!" the man hooked his lips slightly and spoiled his face, "don't let her hurt herself." "Master, Miss Murong and childe matchless have gone to visit the lake. Don't you have to report such a small matter in the future?" the man's smile just prepared was completely frozen: shit, someone dug my corner! Wait for his daughter-in-law to become someone else's!

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