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Princess, she spends money like dirt

Princess, she spends money like dirt

Princess, she spends money like dirt

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    Princess, she spends money like dirt
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    Orange fragrance is not afraid of deep net circle
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    The One Book
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2022-02-20 01:19:19
Some people appear to be business wizards, but in fact they are lovers of vulgar novels Tang Zhao, who is addicted to books, is in a complicated mood after a unfinished novel. She is frantically typing to express her deep dissatisfaction. As a result, the next second, she is dressed as a vicious woman with the same name and surname as herself with ten princesses although she fantasized about how she would respond if she were a character in the book, unfortunately, she never thought that she would become a reality one day she'll be a billionaire soon, okay! One night back before liberation, who can stand it Tang Zhao is grieving. It's just that I'm born to be useful. I'll come back after a thousand gold coins are gone! How to build a business empire in ancient times!

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