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Wang Wang and her little white face

Wang Wang and her little white face

Wang Wang and her little white face

Rating: 9 / 10 from 1237 ratings
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    Wang Wang and her little white face
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    Shaohua rare pick
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    Long Novel
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2023-05-10 18:21:33
My name is Xiaobai. I am a "divine beast" with both wisdom and beauty. At present, I live in a rental room with two bedrooms, one living room, one kitchen, one bathroom and one balcony with a little girl with many names of course, she is excellent, but she talks too much and sometimes has some confusion of consciousness. Maybe girls in love will regard their brains as furnishings... In a brilliant network language: they have brains, but they just don't use them, they just play fortunately for me, she can cook and looks good. Except for the occasional "domestic violence" against me, she has a good temper and character... In short, she is good in all aspects but this may not be a good thing for her. If this woman is good-looking, capable and wants to marry well, how many people will be jealous! Yuelao usually doesn't do such a hateful thing.

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