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Encounter ad

Encounter ad

Encounter ad

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    Encounter ad
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    I like sugar
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    Mountain Book
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2023-03-19 19:28:23
In 2135, the earth fell. If you want to live, you can only participate in their game "a". This game will send you randomly into a parallel world. If you live to the end in this world, you can win and get rid of the fate of being killed Yunxi, she successfully entered the last level "crown". As long as she completes these five levels, she can live aboveboard, But no one has ever passed the "crown", but Yunxi had no choice from the beginning... but she found that the parallel world of the "crown" gave her a sense of deja vu, as if she had experienced it. In every world, a voice told her not to give up. Who is the person who gently calls her "Xi Xi" in every dream? Why do you feel bursts of pain in your heart every time you dream what is the purpose of "a" game? Just to kill?, Where is the "we" in the parallel world? What's the secret of Yunxi's number ax165 (Note: there are male owners, Shuangjie, 1v1 male owners are the same person, Part1: long Princess) × Enemy general, Part2: Scientist × Mermaid, Part3: God × Demon emperor, Part4: dark god believers × Lightness, Part5: starwoman Admiral × Imperial crown prince)