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Dressed as a peasant group pet bag

Dressed as a peasant group pet bag

Dressed as a peasant group pet bag

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    Dressed as a peasant group pet bag
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    Vchale Novel
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2022-11-21 12:50:26
The villain Shenjing managed to build a human shape and was smashed to pieces by Wang Baojiao who fell into the pool. When she woke up, she lay on the king's earth Kang, surrounded by many people looking at her painfully the fierce woman put her hands on her hips and said, "my Jiao Jiao, who the hell pushed you into the river!" the strong man's father cried: "Jiao Jiao, if you don't wake up again, your father will go with you." the frail and sickly eldest brother: "little sister, I won't go to school, and I'll protect you at any time in the future." the black girl with a towering braid: "My little sister is good. My second sister will buy you a head rope." the silly third brother sucking his snot: "I'll give you all the eggs from my little sister." In the face of a poor and poor family beset by bad luck, the villain Shen Jing has a fat hand and a hundred years of ginseng spirit beard. You can go to bad luck to attract fortune and cure all diseases! a family of six is getting stronger and stronger. ... many years later, Jiao Jiao Bao has reached the age of marriage. The Wangs are all worried and feel that no one can match her. Unexpectedly, Jiao Jiao brought back a beautiful young man and said that she was her future husband. ... the retired national teacher is not close to women, but she doesn't want to be disturbed by a little ginseng essence.

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