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Sadistic mistress, she stood up

Sadistic mistress, she stood up

Sadistic mistress, she stood up

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    Sadistic mistress, she stood up
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    Two ball hanging Ling wood
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    Vchale Novel
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2022-12-27 21:12:52
Yun Nian wears a book. She is wearing a female master. Unfortunately, it is abusive, abusing the body and heart the female leader and the male partner said a few words. The male leader misunderstood and was angry and hurt the female leader the male leader's golden elixir was broken. The female leader dug out his golden elixir and gave it to him. She almost died. The female partner robbed all the credit the female companion was captured by the demon nightmare. The male Lord betrayed the female to save people, almost killing all the gods and souls in the last war against the villains, the male master stabbed the female master to death with a sword, sealed the devil with the female master's whole body cultivation, and he flew up with the female companion after wearing the book, yunnian puts down his lofty words and wants to change his life against the sky. He will never love children and women men will only affect the speed of my sword drawing with the aura of the female leader, opportunities continue to grow. It's nothing to skip the level and hang. The purpose of becoming stronger is to get rid of the villain and rise but... why does the devil look more and more like the dog she raised before, Xiao Hei!!!

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