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Doomsday infinite survival

Doomsday infinite survival

Doomsday infinite survival

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    Doomsday infinite survival
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    Random banana
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2022-11-14 01:01:41
Jinghe Ben is the only successor of Jinghe group in Dongzhou mainland. One day, something claiming to be a spirit came to her and said that she was extraordinary. She needed to go to the chaotic world to survive and observe, and strive to return to the original position as soon as possible. Jinghe felt that something was wrong with his mind. As a result: food crisis: the emergence of a super mold named extinct, and there was a global food shortage Super volcanic eruption: the special meteorite from the sky hits the super volcano, and the active volcanic eruption forms a chain reaction. Volcanic ash blocks the sky and the sun, and mankind will face a day without sunshine disaster period: fog, typhoon, tsunami, hail and other extreme weather came one after another ice age: in the cold ice age of several years, try your best to find warmth in order to survive spore invasion: mutant mushrooms occupy the world and erupt spores everywhere. If you are parasitic, you will either die immediately or suffer # [little guide]: the story is not only in the copy, but also not necessarily in the order of the copy. Unit cutting events are likely to occur the background structure of the full text story and the points related to knowledge in all aspects are private. All are overhead. Don't take it seriously. This article is not a rigorous popular science class for the smooth development of the plot, there will be plots that belong to bugs in the real world. Please don't be careful. Just take a look. Thank you for your support!