[unpaid/sample]  Verso is using their own version of retinol 8, the vitamin A derivative that is said to be eight times more effective than standard retinol but half as potentially irritating. I don’t find this new product in least irritating and if you are used to using retinols I think you’ll find the same. Have you noticed how retinol is not nearly the feared ingredient it used to be – when it first started to make waves in skin care it came with so many warnings of potency and reactions. I mean, it is a strong ingredient but brands have got so much better at wrapping it in other ingredients to counteract the irritation that might occur that I’d class it now as mainstream that works reliably to give smoother skin.

Verso Daily Glow

When I first used Verso products – last year maybe – I didn’t really find them remarkable. Good, but not exceptional. However, I’m really impressed with this product because it gives a naked illumination that is immediately obvious, meanwhile, works with your skin for long term effects, too. There’s a tint to it that is almost imperceptible on the skin – it fades to more or less nothing once worked into the complexion – and uses Fluorphlogopite in place of mica (which everyone should be doing, to be honest, on ethical grounds) to provide a glisten to the skin. The effect of that, combined with niacinamide and Vitamin C (which boosts the effects of the retinol) makes for a daily cream that gives instantly dewy effect with all the background work of smoothing and brightening being done silently.

Verso Daily Glow

My products shown are sample sizes by the way – you get plenty more in the real thing.  If you are chasing radiance and love a healthy glow, bare skin look on any skin tone with a delicate pearlescence this is for you. It’s £45 (EU£48) HERE.


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