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His highness Diji is unparalleled in the world

His highness Diji is unparalleled in the world

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Steal sword

Steal sword

Thousand layer Chin That year, Lu Changning, a girl whose family had undergone great changes, came to the sword sect as a gifted boy with a sword bone instead of his brother the teacher here is kind, friendly, energetic, and exquisite sword tricks can be seen everywhere... the only drawback is that she is not a genius she was born with no pulse. Such a person is destined to have no fate with the fairy way.
Evil lotus Chi

Evil lotus Chi

Jiang Yi Who will pick up the flowers the origin and extinction it is difficult to make a transition resist the previous life's resentment open the void abandon the broken soul call people / Honglian Pavilion / the high tower is built to seize the axe, which is a natural work, and the whole body is scarlet. Look closely, the dark bricks and tiles are covered with vermilion. They are inlaid with blood brick stones into the shape of small red...
Bai Lingjiang

Bai Lingjiang

Autumn is pleasant It is said that there is a different dimensional world Wulin connected with the original world of the dimensional world. Almost everyone there has martial arts. In the original world, everyone yearns for Wulin, but everyone is afraid of it. Song Yingying, a Wulin girl framed by zongmen, is unwilling to die because of her blood feud. She reincarnates with art to the original world and knows the original girl Li Yixuan. By chance, song Yingying took Li Yixuan back to Wulin to meet her senior brother Bing Ling. A Jianghu storm opened the prelude with their arrival

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