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Since I’ve been wearing contact lenses again after being offered the challenge by Vision Direct, I’ve had to re-learn a few rules around using them safely and effectively. I’m using them on an ad hoc basis – so not every day, but just when it suits me, and this turns out to be mainly for evenings out. So, I thought I’d do a quick recap on what I’ve been putting into practice, and so far, so good.

  1. It sounds obvious, but a hand wash before you put your lenses in is a must; what’s not so obvious is to dry your hands on something not fluffy! I use a clean, cotton tea towel specially for this purpose. Fibres on lenses is a no-no if you’re to wear them comfortably.
  2. One of the other things I’d completely forgotten about is not to put any hand lotion on before popping lenses in! Using hand lotion after hand washing is such an automatic routine that I have to remember not to do it until after the lenses are in.
  3. I’ve been lucky that so far, I have been able to stick pretty much to my regular beauty routine, but loose pigments could cause an issue with drop. If you have lenses in while you’re putting your eyeshadow on, it’s probably best to avoid anything too loose. The same applies for loose powders – you probably won’t be able see tiny particles in the air, but they’re there and you don’t want them anywhere near your eyes.
  4. If you have sensitive eyes, check that your eye products are ophthalmologist tested so they won’t cause any irritation.
  5. Lense wearers need to pick their mascara wisely. The fat-lash, fibre fuelled mascaras on the market aren’t a good match for lenses; look instead for tubing mascaras or creamy, non-flake types rather than dry fibre formulas. I didn’t know that fibres can actually damage lenses, never mind feel uncomfortable.
  6. It’s important to be meticulous about keeping your applicators clean. Most beauty fans are regular brush washers anyway, but it’s something to stay on top of if you’re a contact lens wearer as well.
  7. Brendan, the Head Optician at Vision Direct doesn’t advise wearing make up on the inner rims of the eyes if you’re wearing lenses, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a smoky look. I’ve used both a very fine tipped brush and a flat edged eye brush to apply both crème and powder liner directly beneath my lower lashes. I think it looks best to smudge it up a little so it’s more of a blurred line rather than keeping it as a block line which can look a little harsh.
  8. I’ve experimented both ways with putting lenses in both before and after applying make-up; if you need lenses in to see well enough to apply your make-up, then obviously pop them in before, but if you don’t, ensure that you wash all traces of make-up from your hands before you apply them afterwards. There’s a happy half-way house – I have applied my eye-shadow and brow products before putting in my lenses, and then afterwards applied my mascara because my eyes are a little moist immediately after the lenses go in.
  9. Don’t keep your lenses anywhere near your nail polish, nail polish remover, fragrances or lash glue. For obvious reasons!



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